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Our company “Przemysł Drzewny” Sp. z o.o („Wooden Industry” Company Limited), Zurowa number 7,38-247 Ołpiny was founded on the 2006.07.31.on the base of the previously closed Cooperative for the Folk and Artistic Activity , which was having the same name.
The newly formed company has overtaken nearly the 70 – years of tradition connected with the production of wooden household merchandise.
Since the year 2007, we have obtained the FSC Certificate number SGS-COC-003219.
The purpose of this document is to demonstrate to the public that the raw material for the production of our commodities is derived from the forests which are covered by the politics of the planned administration.
This certificate quarantees, that the raw materials and semi-products are having fully legal background.
It means as well that the rights of the local community and the employees are respected.
Kindly please look into our cataloque, where you will be able to find the products from the current production- made of beechwood.
Apart from them, we are capable to accept the orders for all sort of handles, shafts for tools ,like axes/spades etc.
Our company can confirm the production based on the customer’s own designs.

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